Career Development Programme

These four-week workshops (2-hour session per week), held each autumn, winter and spring, are presented by a FOCUS Career Development Consultant and  provide  a comprehensive and supportive approach to find the right job in the UK. Working in a small group offers structure, accountability, support, motivation as well as an extended network which is very important to have in this country. The workshops help participants focus on their career narrative providing insight into their skills and experience, building their confidence and making it easier to impress potential employers.

We offer two different workshops:

For people looking for new opportunities and a career change

Often an international move presents partners with the opportunity to re-examine their career and decide whether they want to do something different. Perhaps they have taken a break from work to raise a family or could not work in their previous location. Sometimes professional qualifications are not recognised in the UK and so job seekers may need to look at what transferable skills they have and how they could be relevant to a different job. This group will use multiple techniques and self-reflection exercises to explore several opportunities, achieve clarity on what they want to do and how to market themselves in the local job market.

For people who know what role they want but need information to navigate the UK job market

Some partners know what they want to do but lack the knowledge of the British job market and most importantly the network to start moving forward in the job search process. Topics covered in this group include CVs and cover letters, researching the industry, interviewing and networking. Over the four weeks the Fast-Trackers utilise storytelling techniques to be ready to kick start their job search, ultimately making them stand out in a very competitive employment market.